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New era of social e-commerce power, profitability and market planning.

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Handle government & corporates technology with simple, straight-forward ease.


Take the first step toward establishing your future digital footprint to era of new technology.

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Impressing, Motivating, Impacting Candidates to spread fever of our techno methodologies.

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Mr1China Profile

09 September 2017

Get close to know us better.
Through our profile you can know most of the important information that you need
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The Yunlianhui Partnership

12 December 2017

Yulianhui and Mr1China Cooperation super streak in the social e-commerce business and e-commerce market ...

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Social Entrepreneurship

08 May 2015

An article that i enjoyed very much about what is Social Entrepreneurship?

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Valued Customer

Team of Professional delivery without latency expresses dedication and devotion for business.

Eng.Hassan El-Sayed
Insource group,
Mr1China Partner

Learn to be efficient, productive and accurate ...
All these terms are equal Mr1China team.

Mr.Nasser Mohamed
Sana Technology,
Mr1China Partner

Mr1China Technology is a gate of important know how methodologies and far East Technology and the key of latest achievements.

Eng.Hatim Ahmed